Zafran Recruiting Agency Driving Jobs Makkah 2023

Zafran Recruiting Agency: Paving the Path for Employment in Makkah

Zafran Recruiting Agency stands as a beacon of opportunity in Makkah, connecting job seekers with impactful driving positions. With a commitment to excellence, the agency has been instrumental in fulfilling the city’s driving workforce needs. By effectively matching skilled drivers with various driving posts, Zafran has not only transformed livelihoods but has also contributed to the smooth functioning of Makkah’s transport sector. As the agency continues its dedicated efforts, it continues to shape a more prosperous future for both job seekers and the city itself.

Zafran Enrolling Association invites applications for work positions advertised in ordinary Express dated 22 August 2023 for following open doors in Makkah, jeddah Saudi Arabia.
htv driver and traila driver

Leaned toward Tutoring is Moderate and Matric, etc.

Zafran Enrolling Office latest Abroad Driving position and others can be applied till August 29, 2023 or as per closing date in paper advancement. Scrutinize complete advancement online to know how to apply on latest Zafran Choosing Office open positions. English (UK) and driving skills may supportive for these Zafran Selecting Office occupations. Pay contrasts from 284000. Acquire more by additional time. Free vehicle, comfort and clinical may be available.

Zafran Recruiting Agency Driving Jobs Makkah 2023


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