Jobs in Punjab Cash and Carry

Punjab Cash and Carry

Punjab Money and Convey is one of the biggest retail location networks in Pakistan. We give you the most insignificant costs on the aggregate of your staple requirements. Suitable from any leafy foods, Rice and Lentils, Flavors and Preparing to Bundled things, Drinks, Persoanl thought things, Meats – We have everything.

Staff Expected in Punjab Money and Convey at the present time. Finding OK work in the present time is as of now not an extreme errand, however you help need out stage, which luckily we have. Allow us to research. Punjab Money and Convey Islamabad is searching for proficient Pakistani nationals to fill the accompanying Records and IT Occupations/positions.


1-IT Group Pioneer, 2-IT Partner, 3-Information Investigator, 4-BRAND Director, 5-Records Leader.

Capabilities and Experience:

We profoundly recommend you to peruse the entire work promoting, which is situated at the lower part of this page, to acquire total data about it.

Instructions to Apply:

You are able to apply assuming you have the essential capabilities and experience for these positions. Kindly send your CV to the location displayed in the promoting beneath. See the work posting underneath for additional data. The normal cutoff time for application accommodation is September 25, 2023. If it’s not too much trouble, rush!