Career Opportunities in CPSP

The School of Doctors and Specialists Pakistan is an administrative school laid out in 1962 by an exceptional demonstration of the Parliament of Pakistan to manage the postgraduate clinical training and expert turn of events.

ICPSP Profession Valuable open doors are accessible for you as of now. Great day, everybody! Everybody is welcome on your favored site Searching for a task? Luckily, we have a most recent work update for you at the present time. Basically read the text underneath to learn everything. The School of Doctors and Specialists of Pakistan (CPSP), Karachi, is looking for qualified and experienced people to fill the accompanying posts.

Opening: 1-OFFICE Aide, 2-COOK, 3-Guardian, 4-Server, 5-Clean Specialist AND SWEEPER.

Capabilities and Experience: Kindly read the entire work declaration gave toward the finish of this post for additional data on capability and qualification measures.

What steps would it be advisable for me to take to apply? How about you accept this open door at the present time? The response is indeed, yet first you should confirm your passing conditions. For additional data, kindly read the work postings toward the finish of this post. You have until October 09, 2023 to present your entire application bundle, including scholastic credenti


College of Physicians and Surgeons